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See Camp Pictures from our 16th Annual Camp
Coach Judski & AJ 2013 NBA Champs Buddies 2013 NCAA Champs 2013 NIT Champs! GRITS! 2013 Sportsmanship Winners! Coach Denton, Judski, Jake, & AJ! 2013 MVP Award Winners! Jake finally gets a trivia question right! 2013 Hustle Award Winners! 2013 Layup and 1-on-1 Winners! aj131.jpg aj132.jpg aj135.jpg aj136_t.jpg aj137.jpg aj138.jpg aj139.jpg aj1311.jpg aj1313.jpg aj1314.jpg aj1315.jpg aj1318.jpg aj1320.jpg aj1321.jpg aj1322.jpg aj1323.jpg aj1324.jpg aj1326.jpg 2013 NIT Champs! 2013 NCAA Champs 2013 NBA Champs
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